Lifecycle Advantage Program

The award winning Cisco Lifecycle Advantage promotes adoption,
simplifies renewals, and upsells to higher value solutions

How does it work?




Customer Experience

Combining data, analytics, content and automation the Lifecycle Advantage Program delivers
a personalised, end to end customer experience across the entire lifecycle.

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Introduction to Cisco Lifecycle Advantage Program for EMEAR

Join one of our weekly introductory webinars to learn more about the Lifecycle Advantage program and how it can help you to Grow your customer relationships and maximize recurring revenue with an automated series of co-branded emails. Please click on a link below to register for a webinar.

Cisco Lifecycle Advantage Platform Training and Q&A

Please join one of our training sessions on the Lifecycle Advantage platform where we will go over your key account settings and the monthly data review process. Please click on a link below to register for a webinar.

There are no webinars currently available

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Journeys Overview

Download and read our overview brochure which explains the journeys presently available on Cisco Lifecycle Advantage.

Partner FAQs

Browse our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) asked most by our partners on Cisco Lifecycle Advantage.

Commerce Automation FAQs

Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to find out more about Commerce Automation feature on the Lifecycle Advantage Program.

Onboarding Playbook

Take a look at our onboarding playbook with more information about how to use the platform.

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