How to get started with Icebreaker

Learn how to get the most out of Icebreaker with the aid of our 'How To' video guides and downloadable the Icebreaker Playbook.

Icebreaker 'How To' video guides

Introduction to Icebreaker

What makes Icebreaker so popular with our partners?

Using your Icebreaker report dashboard

In this video you'll be shown around your Icebreaker report dashboard

Using the service coverage tab

A step-by-step guide of your Icebreaker Report's Service Coverage tab

Using the product migration tab

Discover this handy part of your Icebreaker Report

Requesting your Icebreaker report

Learn about the two ways you can request your Icebreaker Report

How to prepare for a customer meeting

Find out how to use Icebreaker to prepare for a customer meeting

Coming soon:
Icebreaker 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0

Request your Icebreaker report

Download your Icebreaker Playbook

Get further insights and take your Icebreaker knowledge to the next level with our downloadable Playbook

Download Playbook

Country Selection

Who's on the Icebreaker journey?

Click on a location to discover how many partners in that country are using Cisco Icebreaker to discover opportunities within their install base.

Visit our Success Stories page to see how other Partners are engaged with Icebreaker.



Partners using Icebreaker

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