Icebreaker is helping partners across EMEAR

Discover how many companies are already benefiting from Icebreaker

Since its foundation in 2011, Cisco Icebreaker has become a valued program supporting partners across EMEAR as they move from a transactional to a subscription-based offer. That's why it's ranked amongst our most popular initiatives. Find out how popular Icebreaker is across EMEA by viewing our interactive map below.

Discover how Icebreaker is helping partners across EMEAR

Are you ready to introduce Icebreaker into your Cisco business?

Icebreaker gives partners more visibility and value, ensuring they’re more prepared for the digital economy.

More Revenue,
Less Cost

Enables you to grow your business with more recurring revenue whilst reducing admin time

Unlocks install
base value

Position yourself as a trusted partner supporting customers on their ongoing digital journey

Proven to

Icebreaker has a proven track record of delivering short and long-term benefits to partners

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Who's on the Icebreaker journey?

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