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What is Icebreaker?

Cisco Icebreaker is a data-driven sales program that provides actionable insights of the current state of your customers install base. Offering on-demand insight that would otherwise be hidden or complicated to acquire and monitor, Cisco Icebreaker enables you to build a plan together with your customer to get an accurate install base.

Icebreaker Benefits

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Cisco Icebreaker delivers an easy-to-process partner-focused report straight to your inbox. Available on demand 24/7, the automated excel report contains relevant customer information including a complete analysis of install base, coverage, contracts, Last Day of Support (LDoS) and end dates. This enables partners to work with customers to make sure they’re more prepared for the digital economy. It also ensures partners know exactly what steps to take in order to achieve the goals of their customers IT roadmap.

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Forward Thinking

You can’t protect what you don’t know. Icebreaker increases visibility and transparency for both you and the customer allowing you to plan investments around their ambitions.

Drives Product Refresh

Cisco’s Icebreaker program put partners in prime position to move from a transactional offer to an annuity/subscription-based offer. It does this by providing a complete install base analysis covering the things that matter most.

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Drives product refresh

Time Better Spent

With all services consolidated under one contract with a single end-date and aligned with the Lifecycle Management plan, you can plan the time spent with customers that much more effectively. It means you can proactive rather than reactive and be efficient with your time by driving customer conversations with relevant install base data.

This will increase your relevance with your customers and provide superior opportunities for selling in value-added services.

Drives product refresh

Alleviate Risk

Icebreaker can provide accurate, relevant data analytics to your customers regarding refresh opportunities and Lifecycle Management. This enables you to mitigate risk for customers by encouraging the replacement of devices reaching their Last Day of Support (LDoS).

Proven To Help

Since its foundation in 2011, the Cisco Icebreaker program has become one of the most popular Cisco initiative, supporting partners across EMEAR as they move from a transactional to an annuity/subscription-based offer.

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Proven to help


Icebreaker enables partners to use the data provided to immediately drive relevant customer conversations around Lifecycle Management. And in some cases, the results can be seen in as little as two months.

But the effectiveness of Icebreaker isn’t limited to the short-term. In the long-term, it’s helped partners grow their business by delivering 9% more product revenue and 19% more service/software. Click here to discover more Icebreaker success stories.

Proven to help


Cisco Icebreaker is a trusted by partner across EMEAR, having proven its effective across different territories with different partners in different industries. Click here to see where Icebreaker is implemented across the globe.

More Revenue Less Cost

The general rule of business is to control costs, increase revenues, and maximize profit. Through technology, companies can reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and increase profits to be in a better position to offer enhanced customer experiences and applications.

Icebreaker can help you do just that. Click on Better Visibility and Less Admin to find out more.

More revenue less cost

Better Visibility

The actionable insights provided by your Icebreaker report helps to grow your business. New coverage opportunities are straight-forward to discover and act upon, helping you to increase your services and software recurring revenue.

More revenue less cost

Less Admin

Icebreaker enables you to substantially reduce costly contract administration expenditure by lowering the number of contracts and end dates per customer.

Once simplified, the timely contract administrative process can be focussed solely on renewal management.

What if there was an easier way?

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Annuity driven

Offers complete support

Financial predictability

Lower TCO

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